Sunday, 28 June 2009

Imagine Life Without Colour

Week 25: Imagine Life Without Colour
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Exam week is drawing near. These have been adding colour to my life of mere words and lines.

Of course, I must not forget friends who studied with me! =)

Thursday, 25 June 2009

This Love Never Ends

This Love Never Ends
- Takeda Kouhei

戦士にもなれるさ If you need me

「太陽に憧れて 高く高く飛んだ翼
その熱に溶かされて 深い海へと墜ちて行く」

そんな物語さえ オレの心には響かない
信じるのは 運命の愛だけ

舞い上がれ 青空焦がし
For you 見つめ合えば
This love never ends 誰も誰かの
For you 無限と言い切ろう

「天にも届く位 積み上げられた塔もまた
神の怒りに触れて 脆くも地に崩れ落ちた」

教えなんていらない 普通の常識じゃ通じない
キミと創る 伝説を残そう

舞い上がれ 青空越えて
For you 指に星を
This love never ends 聞く耳持たず
For you キミだけのために強くなるのさ

世界 守ることを誓う

舞い上がれ 青空焦がし
For you 見つめ合えば無敵

So this love will never end, never end
For you 無限だと言い切ろう
I swear…proud of my love, proud of my life


If it's to win your love,
Then I'll be a soldier, if you need me

"Attracted by the sun, flying up, high up on wings
The heat melts them, and he falls into the deep sea"

Such stories don't ring with my heart
Cause I only believe in fated love

Rise up! The blue sky
Is scorched till it's deep red
I'll show you the value of this love
For you, if our gazes can connect...
This love never ends, nobody
No one's freedom can be stolen
If I decide on my limit
For you, I say there's no limit

"A tower was also built so that it could reach the heavens
God unleashed his anger and it crumbled to the ground"

I don't need your teachings; "Common sense" doesn't work on me
Let's leave behind legends that I'll create with you

Rise up! Pass the blue skies
To the yet unseen ends
I will show you nothing that doesn't shine
For you, a star on your finger
This love never ends, I will hear nothing
I will break through everything
There is nothing impossible for me
For you and you alone I will become strong

I am always overflowing
With this unparalleled confidence
I swear to protect
The wonderful world you live in

Rise up! The blue sky
Is scorched till it's deep red
I'll show you the value of this love
For you, I become invincible if our gazes connect

So this love will never end, never end
For I have sworn it on my heart
My potential for protecing this love
For you... is infinite
I swear…proud of my love, proud of my life

Saturday, 20 June 2009


Week 24: Presents
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Another 'happy' photo.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Happy Day, Many Thanks

Really tired, but I had fun. Kudos to Sonia and Xiuqing. Haven't had this much fun in a while. And yes I feel happy, even though my face doesn't really show it. REALLY! I'm just tired. Night at the Museum 2 was funny, and so was Rush Hour 2 and 3 XD

I really appreciate the gifts as well. I shall find some way to place Spidey-s on my cupboard. I have to find a place for the camera/coin box as well. And the card and the Mr Happy book. Oh yes, and Sarah as well. Your notebook, very unique. I have to find stuff that's worthy of recording in the notebook. =)

Again, thanks to the Infocomm Exco for the cake, and to friends who wished me via sms/facebook/personally etc etc...

Come to think of it, I am real lucky to have my birthday celebrated... TWICE! Yes Xiu, I'm real lucky...

As you can see from this extremely short post, my brain is really fried... That's how tired I am... But thanks again Sonia and Xiu!

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Week 23: Bliss
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Originally, I wanted to have a more 'sad' or emo-ish picture for this week, something to mark the end of my journey in Infocomm. I even had a title and a concept all planned out, but alas things were not meant to be (don't ask me why, I'll blow my top).

Loads of happy stuff occurred this week, and Infocomm Camp rocked. It's sad to step down, but at least my last day at camp came as quite a surprise.

At 12 midnight on 12th June (that's my birthday for those who don't know), the Photog/AV exco wished me Happy Birthday, alongside with the Mr Lau-s, and some smses from church members. I saw that coming, but at 1.30am when I went to AV Room for post-hustings discussion, there was a cake! Really didn't see that coming.

To the outgoing Photog exco, I guess we all had fun in our term. It was both fun and tiring to work with you guys (or should I say girls ><). We had our happy times, and loads of emo times for me. To the outgoing AV exco, it was fun knowing and working with you guys even for the short 6 months. Lastly to the incoming Infocomm exco, all the best in your term. The most important thing, HAVE FUN.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Hiding in the Mirror

As some of you might now know, I have 'officially' started on my "Mirror World" project*. The reason why I use the inverted commas is because I have yet to start shooting (pictures), but am doing research into the topic. In the course of my research, I stumbled upon a rather interesting and fascinating book called "Hiding in the Mirror", by Lawrence M. Kauss. It was a pleasurable read, and it took me nearly three weeks to complete it.

Despite being baffled by almost the entire book, since afterall I'm not a physics student and quantum physics and extra dimensional theories are not that easy to comprehend, I gained a few interesting ideas as to how to go about doing my project. Extra dimensions are indeed fascinating and mind-boggling.

I leave you with a quote from the epilogue of the book that struck me.

One never knows where insights will come from, or where they may lead. The pleasure of research is discovering the unexpected.

- Lawrence M. Kauss, Hiding in the Mirror

*You can find a link to the photos on the left side of my blog.

Friday, 5 June 2009

The Final

Week 22: The Final
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All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts

- William Shakespeare, As You Like It

As the spotlight on the dancer slowly dims and fades away, it is time to leave the stage. My part has ended, now others will take centre stage.

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