Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Japan Trip, Remainder Part 3

Before you read this post, do note that you have to be tall, as the sign here says "No shorties allowed". Just kidding.

Well, the Floating Garden Observatory was mind you, cold. I mean on the ground it's already 14 degrees, what do you think is the temperature up there, 40 floors above ground?


Floating ... GARDEN? There are no plants on the roof top, NONE AT ALL.

Nice models, but Gunpla is still better. =D

Mascot........................ Enough said......................

Some guy stole a shot of me!

Pink Train...

On the left, it's a bus stop sign? I mean it tells you when the next bus is coming etc. On the right, it's a parking lot machine or something like that.

Look carefully. Part of the mirror ain't fogged up! There's a heating element behind the mirror! Neat eh? Yes, that's my hotel bathroom.

See some sparkling thing on the right, that's my breath, filled with CO2. =D

Vending Machines EVERYWHERE in Japan. They even sell hot canned drinks in Japan! There is even a cigarette vending machine, the one on the right of the second row is such a machine.

Relive your childhood...

Multi-storey, believe it or not, carpark. There are elevators that move the car up and down!

I drank coffee EVERYDAY in Japan. I mean there's free coffee from the dispenser at the hotel lobby! =D (Yes, for those who don't know what a dispenser is, it's the first picture.)

Random crap...

Yummy YUCKS! Vege paus...

ULTRAMAN! Some toy gallery near Osaka Universal Studios. There's a sign that says "No Photography, Videos etc etc in the Museum." I didn't realise until I posted this =P

Getting ready for Christmas...



That's right! It's a toilet urinal!!

What's even dumber is that when you stand near it, the urinal starts moving up and down, and playing some retarded music whilst making gargling noises. Mind you, we had a good laugh. I'll see if I can post the video here.

Sorry that it's like horizontal...



Gaming Corner... A whole level of Gundam Arcade Games... =D

GUNPLA! A whole section of the toys/hobbies level in the department store is dedicated to gunpla!!!

Japan Trip, Remainder Part 2

Shinsaibashi Street, a LOOOOOOOOOOONG shopping street where you practically can't see the end.

Yea, it's a big crap crab.

See? I can't see the end!!

Ash Trays... in MacDonalds! MacDonalds in Japanese is Makudonarudo. Try saying that 5 times, c'mon I dare you.


At some wet market...

Hmm, what are these doing at a wet market?

More Updates to come:

  1. Floating Garden Observatory
  2. Interesting Stuff
  3. GUNDAM!

Monday, 24 December 2007

Japan Trip, Remainder Part 1

Well, I'm too lazy to sort the rest of the pictures. So I'm just chunking the exchange trip and cool stuff I saw in Japan into one post. =p Yeah, I'm a lazy fag... (And this means I can move on to pictures from Missionary Conference in Cebu! Cheers! *Don't forget my modeling kits =p*)

First, exchange trip.

You gotta change to slippers (provided for you) before you enter parts of the school. Very much like how we take off our shoes before you go into the music room etc, just that you wear slippers...

School principal on left, Mr Leo (one of my teachers) on the right.

Tea Ceremony...




For a certain Xiaomeimei

Their band. I tell you, the music was like jarring and my ears hurt like crazy after being inside the room. The room is SMALL, very SMALL. I mean it can't even fit 10 people comfortably, and they squeezed 20 of us in there...

Class..... English class to be exact...

Update: I'll post more soon...

  1. Shinsabashi Street, a nice LOOOOOOOOOOONG shopping street...
  2. Gundam Corner =D
  3. Floating Garden Observatory. COLD PLACE.
Look Forward. =D

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