Tuesday, 26 August 2008


As the title goes:

I totally owned someone in school today! And I feel that I have just conquered Everest in the course of it!

Sunday, 24 August 2008


Well well, it was the Singapore Fireworks Festival on 22nd and 23rd August 2008. So I decided to ask the whole photog club whether they wanted to go to shoot fireworks... And only 2 went with me (i.e. Beiyi and Sonia)... =(

Anyways, a little about the Festival. It's held around this period in August (since 2004) in conjuction with the National Day celebrations of Singapore (9th August). Every year, Singapore would get 2 foreign countries to set up their fireworks displays. This year, the 2 countries were France (22nd Aug) and South Korea (23rd Aug). The French display was called 'French Romance', while the South Korean display was called 'Korean Fantasia'.

Nonetheless, I would like to point out how 'deprived' we as Singaporeans are. Just look at the sheer crowd at Marina Bay with cameras to snap fireworks! I mean it's just fireworks, other than the fact that you can rarely see them in Singapore... I thought I heard a foreigner comment 'Wow, nice fireworks! But why are there so many people gathered just to watch?'

Now you might be wondering 'So why did YOU bother to go and shoot fireworks?' Firstly, it's because I missed the fireworks from National Day, and I had always wanted to try shooting fireworks. So it's a first try. I have a second reason, but I would only share later.

Now. Fireworks!

*Note: This is the French display. I couldn't go down for the South Korean display.

Monday, 18 August 2008


ARGH! I am like falling sick alot recently. Zzz... I need more sleep... (then why am I blogging instead of sleeping!?)

Well, life seems to be rather on track now...

I hope at least...

Saturday, 16 August 2008


Well, posting from TMUN and from the really cool "Blogger Buddy" gadget. Well, let's just say that I'm sleepy, cause Saturday is the only time I can wake up late, but TMUN forced me to wake up early =(

But anyways, TMUN is quite fun. It's quite interesting to see how some people's views on world issues. HAHAHAHAHA

Monday, 11 August 2008

How Bad Can Life Get?

To do list (not in order of priority):
1. Photog Stuff (printing of order forms)
2. History P1 Revision
3. History P2 Revision
4. Econs Revision (from the start of year till now)
5. Literature (Othello & Poe)
6. Math (Differentiation and Integration especially)
7. 30th August Youth Outing
8. TMUN Research
9. Go shoot with my camera
10. Do the above 9 things.

With 42 days to the exams, I really should be starting on revision, but I can't even make time to even read anything...

Saturday, 2 August 2008

If your life was a movie, what would your soundtrack be?

Here’s how it works:

1) Open your music library
2) Play it on shuffle mode
3) For every question, type out the song that’s playing.
4) New question, click next.
5) Don’t lie.

*Again, I'm using some Japanese songs (and songs of other languages too), so translated version of the song will be in "[...]"

Opening Credits: Yochou (Wada Kaoru) [Omen]
- That is disturbing... ominous foreboding to the entire movie, or rather to my life... T_T

Waking Up: Kimi to Boku, Todokanu Omoi (Toshihiko Sahashi) [You and I, Unfulfilled Dreams]
- Hmmm, I will have loads of unfulfilled desires in life?

When I’m stuck: CONTROL (Kenji Kawai)
- I'm still in control of my life! That's good I guess.

First Day of school: BEATING (Kenji Kawai)
- Either I'll kill someone or I'll get killed. Not very helpful...

Fight Song: Gou'ing! Going! My Soul! (Dynamite SHU)
- Well, this makes some sense.

Breaking up: Believe~Akiramenaide (KIYOSHI) [Believe~ Don't Give Up]
- Believe in the "power of our friendship" (quote from song)!

Prom: Life Goes On (Mika Arisaka)
- How apt. We should move on with life though we are about to depart.

Exercising: Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite (Fujita Toshiko) [With Courage as Wings)
- That's... cheesy...

When Life’s OK: RECOVER (Kenji Kawai)
- What's there to recover from when life's ok?

Graduation Day: Rhapsody (Kubota Osamu)
- It'll be a high and ecstatic event!

A Level Results: Beyond Hope (S.F.A)
- This goes 2 ways: (1)My A Levels goes beyond my expectations, (2)My results are so pathetic that anything I hope for in life is just...

Cooking: Believe (Nami Tamaki)
- I believe I won't burn down my house?

Mental breakdown: Omoide no naka ni (Wada Kaoru) [Within the Memories]
- Umm, I'll spiral down into deeper depression cause I keep dwelling on the sad memories?

Driving: UPROAR (Kenji Kawai)
- I'll cause an uproar on the streets! LOL!

Flashback: Agujero Inmundo (S.F.A) [This is Spanish, and it means: 'Impure Hole']
- o.O no idea... I'm an impure person? NOT! =P

Getting Back Together: Shizukana Yoruni (Rie Tanaka) [In the Quiet Night]
- We will get back together under the quiet night, so romantic!

Wedding: HOLIDAY (Kenji Kawai)
- I'll go on a honeymoon after that!

Birth Of A Child: Reflection (Araki Kae)
- The child will look just like me! =D

Final Battle: Futatabi Tatakai he (Wada Kaoru) [To Fight Again]
- How ironic. It probably means that there will be a sequel to the movie and my nemesis will return to haunt me.

Death Scene: Love Today (Taja)
- I'll only see my true love in death?!!?

Funeral Song: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)
- This is encouraging. People won't miss me =D

End Credits: Primal Innocence (Suzumura Ken'ichi)
- I lead an innocent life. =D

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