Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Combined Youth Fellowship (2)

Yup, MORE pictures. There was like close to 80 people? And I was the only guy with a camera! LOL! I was sorta in an "I am an unofficial photographer, but made official on that day" itself kinda scenario.

*FYI, this is the second Combined Youth Fellowship, that's why (2). I didn't have a camera at the first meeting. (In fact, I don't even remember attending the first meeting! =P)

Opening Statement

Well, this blog is going to be a... PICTURE BOOK?! Ya, I'm going to subsequently post pictures of church outings and events etc onto this blog.

I *might* add Saturday Youth messages if:

  • I manage to record it.
  • And if I can find somewhere to help me upload. T_T
And if I have a scanner, I *might* start posting some Bible stories which I intend to draw. I have a few stories in mind now. The first - creation. =)

Why am I doing this? For Fun, Laughter, Peace and Joy. Kidding. Just in case anyone needs any pictures, not that I think any would want, they can take it from here. It's for memory sake. =)

On a side note, I'm NOT a good photographer.

For starters: Pictures from Teenz Outing (4th September 07)

Playing Basketball + Badminton:

At Pastor's House:

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