Saturday, 31 January 2009

Crossroads of Destiny

Crossroads of Destiny
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Week 5: Crossroads of Destiny
This photo is a remake of my old photo. Reason why I called it "Crossroads of Destiny" is because this was probably THE turning point in my pursuit of photography. During Photog Camp in June of 2008, Lincoln and myself were photographing things at night, and that got me interested in Night Photography. It was then that I tried out shooting stuff at night, and this crossroads was one of my first subjects.

I purposefully remade this shot because right now, I'm very confused over everything. Like how hectic and messy all the light trails are, my mind is probably very much like that now.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Bad Day

With reference to 23rd January.

Day was totally crapped up for me. And I emo-ed out after school.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Looming Presence

Looming Presence
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Week 4: Looming Presence
Sonia dragged me on Wednesday to Halus cause she really wanted to see the place. So being the nice guy that I am, I obliged. (See, I'm nice.)

While Sonia and Sam were shooting above ground, I went below the tall grass. The results, stuff that I really like =D

Saturday, 17 January 2009


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Week 3: Boredom
School has started. My brain is drained. I'm working on something for week 4. Hopefully I'll make up for this week. My brain is fried. T_T

Friday, 16 January 2009

1st Week of School

Wow, I survived one whole week of school. I can't believe myself. Yay me!

Man, the first week was bad enough, I can't imagine the other weeks. *Sighs*

I'm wondering what to shoot for APAW week 3. I'm thinking "Isolation"? Or maybe "Water Marks"? Or maybe "Rectangles and Squares"? Sigh, so many decisions...

Monday, 12 January 2009

1st Day of J2 Life...

It's rare that I talk about the day. But I just had to man. I mean c'mon, it's like a milestone in life (right, who am I kidding?)

Today was an UTTER WASTE OF TIME. Period. The moment I stepped into College and smelt the air of school, I wanted to step out. Yeah, that was how bad it was (no, not the smell, the thought and the fact of going back to school lah!)

First period, Civics, aka let's sit down and talk and catch up. Then we had a principal's address and college rules and blah blah blah what not (all the regular stuff that you get on the first day of school). And school was over at 10am. Can you believe it? I went to school for that?!?! Why did I even go?

Tomorrow's timetable looks crappy as well. First, we have math lecture. Then we have econs lecture. And school's over for open house... How exciting. You can just smell the excitement.

I'm not done with quite a bit of work. Mundane life is back... Sleep at 1am, wake up at 5.30am. Cycle goes on till holidays. Sighs...

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Halus Pano

Halus Pano (Colour)
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APAW 2009, Week 2.
Title: Reflections

*Thanks to Sam who brought me! =D

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Random Thoughts. Okay, maybe not so random.

It's been a while since I seriously built a model. I'm thinking of modifying my GN-001 Gundam Exia into a GN-001RE Gundam Exia Repair.

And I still have 1/100 Red Astray, 1/144 Psycho Gundam (yes, they are more than a year old now), 1/144 GN Arms (yes, it's a year old), 1/144 Raider Gundam, SD Zeta Gundam, 1/35 Lancelot Air Calvary.

That's a total of 7 unbuilt models! And I'm thinking about getting an SD Exia and modifying it to a SD Exia Repair as well.

Why are the holidays almost over already?

Saturday, 3 January 2009


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There are times in life when things seem to be too cold or too hot. If the situation is unfavourable, just get up, and make some adjustments. You might just feel better.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

A Long Way to Go!

A Long Way to Go!
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2009 is finally here. At the start of each year, people tend to make resolutions. Well, the day is almost over as of the time I'm posting this. I can't think of any other resolution, except that I want to walk closer with God this year.

I know that this year will be different because of someone whom God has brought into my life. (No, not in that sense which you are thinking in.) But really, I'm thankful to God for that person, someone who actually helped me find an answer to the question which has been bothering me for half my life.

Oh yeah, the day is almost over, but still, Happy Birthday Sarah! =D

Almighty God,

Grant me a passion for souls, a passion for the souls of the youths. Forgive me O LORD of my sins, but use me for Thy glory, be it in school or in church. I'm unworthy to be used by Thee, but Thou has graciously saved me and willing to use me. Help me O God I pray. Bless me in my studies, but more importantly, bless me in my walk with Thee. Keep me near to Thee! Draw me nearer to Thee O LORD!

I pray for all the youths in Gethsemane. LORD, bless us all. Help us all to be good testimonies in our respective schools and places where we go to. Help all the youths to love Thee more, to walk closer with Thee, to win more souls for Thee! Help all the youths I pray, keep us all. Forgive me, and pardon me O LORD. O how unworthy I am! Forgive me, restore me!

The year ahead is long, and LORD I know it will be tiring. But LORD, keep me and guide me. Guide me O Thou great Jehovah! Help me to never forsake Thee. Help all the youths to never forsake Thee.

LORD, I dread the new school term. I'm afraid, so very afraid. Forgive me of my human weaknesses, but help me to continually serve Thee, knowing that Thou art the God who made all things from nothing. So help me LORD, to trust in Thee evermore.

In Jesus most blessed and holy name,

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