Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Beyond the Sunset

Well, it's the last day of the year 2008, and time has so quickly flew past. As I reflect upon the year 2008, I cannot help but feel God's mercies and graces aiding me through all the days of my life. It seems that every year, different troubles will plague God's children, but at the same time, God grants sufficient grace to pull through the year.

As I recall every event in the year (okay, at least the major events since my memory is failing me these days), God has been with me since. From my awaiting of the O Level results, to my choosing of schools, and even through this entire year, God has been merciful and has been showing me the way, guiding me through. I never thought I could have pulled through 2008, but nothing is impossible with God. Sure, I may be capable of doing well enough, but I know that I'm not capable of doing well, at least not without God's help. I really could not have done well for my EOYs without divine help.

Well, I really don't know what to say at times. But I thought I should just pen down my thoughts somewhere, and maybe look back at it someday. 2009 is only half a day away (from the time I'm posting), and I'm really troubled by the A Levels next year. (Yeah, I know I shouldn't be worrying, but still, it's a natural human reaction.) I just pray that I would not fail in serving God, even if it means failing in school. With all humbleness, I pray that God will lead me through the next year, and all the remaining days of my life.

There's a reason why I chose the title to be "Beyond the Sunset". This is because I want to remind myself of the hymn, "Beyond the Sunset".
Beyond the sunset, O blissful morn,
When with our Saviour heav'n is begun.
Earth's toiling ended, O glorious dawning;
Beyond the sunset, when day is done.

I need to remind myself that my time on this earth is temporal, and I should always seek God's will in my life first.

Almighty, merciful Heavenly Father,

LORD God, forgive me for the sins that I have committed in 2008. Forgive me O LORD, for time and time again straying from Thee. Forgive me O LORD, of all my human weaknesses. Restore me O LORD, restore me to Thy fold.

As the new year dawns, help me to seek Thy face evermore; to ask of Thy graces evermore. Help me to always trust in Thee, to trust in Thee to guide me through both my studies and commitment in church. LORD God Almighty, Thou created everything out of nothing; nothing is impossible for Thee.

I pray that I would not neglect my commitments in church in the pursuit of my studies. Chastise me O LORD, if I ever forget. I pray for the youths, many of them will be taking their O Levels in 2009, LORD I pray that Thou wilt be merciful unto them, and bless them in their studies. Help them to always seek Thee in their time of need. I pray that the youths would be regular in attending GYBH. Help them to understand O Father, that Thy word is life, and everything else is but loss. Help all the youths to be regular in their attendance, so that they will not miss out on all the spiritual blessings on Saturday afternoons.

I pray for those who are receiving their O Level results, LORD bless their efforts during the year 2008. Give them results that would enable them to take the course that they would like to take. I pray that Thou wilt grant all the O Level students wisdom to choose wisely which route they should take in 2009, whether they should be in a JC or a polytechnic. As Thou has comforted and guided me in my time of need, I pray the same for the other youths.

O LORD, keep all the youths I pray, keep all the youths from the temptation of the world. Keep us O LORD from the attack of the evil one. In this time of peril, temptation is everywhere! Grant all the youths discernment, to keep away from evil, and to keep in the narrow way. Bless us O LORD, bless us. Keep us from the evil one, help us to remain focused on Thee, and never lose sight of our final destination. Keep us from falling I pray.

In Jesus most blessed and holy name,

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Radiance of the Sun

The Radiance of the Sun
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Re-edit from Church Camp. I prefer this over the previous upload.

For photos from Combined Youth Games, wait till 1st January. I hit my upload limit for this month...

Monday, 22 December 2008


I'm searching for answers to the many questions I have in my head. The funny thing is, the more answers I seek, the more questions appear. The more questions I have, the more answers I need, and even more questions pop up. Destiny is a funny thing; seems that in life, more questions than answers can be found. There are times when you feel so troubled and confused about life, and really at a complete loss as to what to do. Right now, life seems to be in a big mess for me. Feeling really troubled, I really needed someone to say nice things, or a word of encouragement to me.

I'm really worried for next year. I'm J2 next year, that means the A Levels. I'm still in Youth Committee next year, that means more work. These two things are going to be hard to balance, and I know it. That's the problem with human beings, we think too much, and then we worry about the future. And when we worry, we feel troubled.

I was feeling real troubled last night, and thank God for the encouragement I received from some friends. I mean someone told me that I seemed like the kind that would lead in Youth, and I was really quite... apprehensive (dunno if this correctly describes what I'm thinking) because I didn't feel like that kind of a person. I really couldn't think much about being a good leader, since I haven't done much for Youth this year because I was so stretched in school. I doubt myself so much. But this was what a friend told me: "You have in some ways, this year especially, been an example to me. I don't believe in looks. But I see you in church, I see you helping in the AV system, I see you going out to cover church events, I see you able to talk to both the adults and the teens, I see you kind to the kids, and I've seen you mature beyond the angst that plagued you in secondary school. I know you've a desire to serve. To me that's someone who could lead the youths. It's not about ability in the end, it's the desire to serve. and you have that desire. And hey, I think God has granted you the ability to lead, to make the right choices, to consult the right people, to even while you struggle with your own spiritual life be able to talk with other youths about their issues and stuff."

I really thank God for the encouragement that he gave me through my friends. With that, I pray that next year I'd be able to serve Him even more next year.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Lights and Stairs

Lights and Stairs
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A night photo from Bintan Agro Beach Resort and Spa. In fact, the only night photo. I was too tired by night, and I couldn't afford to lose sleep. But this captured my attention, and I made sure that I took this photo or I would regret.

Enjoy =D

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Strangers & Pilgrims

Strangers & Pilgrims
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“We’re a pilgrim band that’s headed for the glory land of light…”

“Strangers and Pilgrims” – the theme for the church camp this year. I didn’t have much of an idea when I first saw the theme for this year’s church camp, so with much anticipation I attended the camp, in hope of learning more.

Every year church camp is a time of spiritual revival; the revival for me this year was ‘stronger’ than before. Now that 2008 is almost over, and when I reflect upon the year, I noticed how little time I had spent with God, and how much I concentrated on my school work. I was reminded during the camp, with what someone in the church had told me earlier on in the year: don’t be distracted by school work. Again, I committed the same mistake as I did last year. “Strangers and Pilgrims” was a timely reminder, a reminder that my time on this earth is but temporal.

In Rev Quek’s words, a ‘stranger’ is an alien who is in a foreign land, and a ‘pilgrim’ is a stranger who has stayed in the land for a long time. A stranger and a pilgrim look forward to a brighter hope, the ‘glory land of light’. As a Christian, one must not be a Permanent Resident (PR) of this sin filled earth, let alone be a citizen.

“As a pilgrim I look for a better country, which my LORD is preparing for me…”

The morning devotions were preached by Rev Reggor. The devotions were reminders of God’s unfailing mercies, and God’s infinite power. Indeed God has been merciful to me throughout the entire year, and has showcased His power throughout the year. Life in Junior College (JC) hasn’t been a bed of roses. Being a rather lazy person, 2008 was the first time in years that I actually found it so difficult to study. The amount of content for all the subjects, they are just too much to handle. If not for God’s grace and mercies, I would not have been able to cope with all the work.

The main messages were preached by Rev Quek. Rev Quek taught us from the book of Genesis, from the life of a great pilgrim, Abraham. Constant emphasis was placed on the need to have a changed mindset to the world. Hebrews 11:13 states that in order to have a changed mindset, we need to be ‘persuaded’, need to ‘embrace’, and need to ‘confess’. We need to be persuaded to leave the worldly pleasures, and embrace God’s salvation. And we need to confess our decision through our actions. Without God, no one can be a stranger or a pilgrim. Abraham had little of the Word, since there was no written word (the Bible) during his time, and all he had was the voice of God. God told him to leave his hometown and become a stranger and a pilgrim, and he willingly obeyed. Much faith was needed on Abraham’s part to believe that he would be a father of the great nation of Israel! Rev Quek’s messages emphasized on the need for the Christian to daily depend on God to make godly choices. Godly choices are not the best choices; neither are they the first choices. The decisions that a Christian make would impact both him and those around him, as well as his own eternity. It is only through a close walk with God that godly choices can be made. Abraham forgot to consult God, and made wrong choices. But his return to God was a godly choice in itself.

“There’ll be glory for me at the end of this road. There’ll be glory that outshines my troubles here…”

Rev Koshy preached in the evening messages, on the Christian’s glorious hope. Everything that happens is for God’s glory, even men’s salvation! There is inexplicable glory in heaven awaiting the Christian; glory that will outshine all the troubles on this earth. When a Christian finally returns to his true home, all the trials on earth would seem so small, and all the troubles are all nothing.

“Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”

Oh God, when my time on this earth is over, take me home! I want to see Thy glory in its full majesty! May Thou return, as quickly as possible! I cannot bear my burdens alone. I want to go home, to my final resting place.

Now on a less serious note, I think my cholestrol levels shot up real high. Over the 5 days, I ate close to 80 prawns. Poor Sarah Lee who sat beside me for most of my meals... Apparently she's traumatized by my eating habits. =P

Monday, 8 December 2008


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Shot of roses from Prom Night. I was bored to death that night, and the next day was church camp. I shouldn't have gone to shoot that night!

Anyways, selective colouring FTW!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Stairs

The Stairs
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My first 'abstract' shot. More to come in the future.

P.S. This was taken during class chalet.

Saturday, 6 December 2008


I'm back from Church Camp! This year is arguably the most tiring year. JC life is tiring, and church camp is always a time to relax. But this year, being the official photographer, it's so tiring.

Full report will come another day, along with photos. I need to catch up on sleep. Very tired.

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